Annapolis Runs Out Of Holidays for Employees, May Be Forced to Create More

By Wanda Gershwitz, Associate Editor

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  1. I think it’s awesome! Some may say that they are skirting around paying the fees like everyone else and that their exploiting the system????? Hahaha…..yeah right…..the system is exploiting the local businessman everyday! GENIUS!!!! Can’t wait to check this one out and congrats to the Fox brothers for overcoming the bureaucratic bull that is served on the platter of protecting the public. The platter may be shiney and say it’s there to protect the public but make no mistake…if it looks like crap, smells like crap and feels like crap….you don’t have to take a bite out of it to see that its crap! The platter may look good in the name of public safety but make no mistake, their making the local business man eat crap and then charging him top dollar for it! The system is good, but deep pocketed bureaucrats have exploited the system to foot the bill for their poor stewardship.

    The red tape worm has leached off of enough local businesses and has controlled who grows for too long! Again….kudos to the Fox brothers!!!

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