Local Native American Plans New South County Casino

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Edgewater – Local Native American, Michael Steinberg, announced today during a press conference at the county library in Edgewater that he had retained a yet-unnamed legal firm in Annapolis to make property claims in Harwood and Lothian on behalf of himself and a yet-unnamed tribe.

“This is a proud day for both me and my people,” proclaimed Steinberg, who wore an elaborate, feathered headdress and carried a tomahawk. “It is time to take back what is rightfully ours. What has been taken from us by the palefaces.”

The claim involves several adjacent properties on Harwood Road, west of Route 2, including over thirty single-family homes and several farms. There were also claims on 22 non-contiguous properties in Lothian. The total area of the properties claimed by Steinberg is in excess of 2,300 acres, with the present ownership of some of the family-owned farms going back ten to fifteen generations.

According to Steinberg, if his claims are recognized by the courts, construction will begin immediately on several new projects, including a large-scale casino and gaming facility, a performing arts venue, a 525-room hotel and spa, several restaurants, and a drive-through liquor store. Steinberg said that the profits from these properties will go a long way to assisting his people in recovering from the centuries of injustices suffered at the hands of the white man. Although Steinberg declined to identify other members of his tribe or even provide its name, he insists that his claim is legitimate.

That is a sentiment not shared by Chuck Olsen, the Mid-Atlantic Native American Claims Administrator for the Bureau of Indian Affairs (B.I.A.). He says that Steinberg’s claims warrant some skepticism.

“Currently, there are no federally-recognized Indian tribes in Maryland,” stated Olsen. “In fact, there are no federally-recognized Indian tribes in any of the Mid-Atlantic states. So I’m not exactly sure of the historical basis on which Mr. Steinberg is making his claim. There are fairly stringent regulations as to who is and who is not an actual Native American. There needs to be some kind of documentation.”

However, Steinberg was not dissuaded by questions of tribe and ethnicity, insisting that those are artificial obstacles set up by a government bureaucracy intent on depriving him and his people of their due.

“I’m through jumping through hoops for the white man,” Steinberg said. “You’re going to steal our land and then set the standards by which you consider us Native Americans? I don’t think so. My grandmother had very high cheekbones and loved corn. Maybe that’s not good enough documentation for the B.I.A., but it’s good enough for me and my people.”

Steinberg said that his legal team was putting finishing touches on the necessary documents that would be filed by next week. It was unclear if the claims would be made in county, state, or federal court, although Steinberg said that all options were being considered and other properties will be fair game in the future.

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