Opponents of Governor Hogan Question Mental State

Newly elected Maryland Governor Larry Hogan are questioning the Governor’s mental state after the governor revealed that he now considers himself the “Commander in Chief,” a title reserved for the President of the United States.

When asked, Senate President, Mike Miller (D-Calvert), just shook his head.  Speaker Michael Busch (D-Anne Arundel), Speaker of the House of Delegates was more verbose. “I am not sure who the Governor thinks he is. I know Barack Obama, and trust me, Larry Hogan is no Barack Obama!”  Another freshman Senator who wished to remain anonymous simply said, “we wanted Don Dwyer out–we need to be very careful what we ask for.”

The latest dust up came after the Governor posted a photo of a specialized parking sign outside the State Capitol reserving a parking space for the “Commander in Chief.”

The Governor has yet to respond to questions about “commando-gate.”

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  1. Carly Loveton says:

    Every governor is the commander in chief of the state national guard. Regardless, Hogan did not make the sign at the National Guard facility. It was there when he showed up for a visit

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