AACPS To Offer Counseling To Parents Struggling With Snow Days

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snowdayThe Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) announced today that they will extend in-school counseling services to parents who have been emotionally impacted with the effects of excessive snow days.

Counseling services will be available for parents through all county schools during normal counseling office hours, or by appointment on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 7 pm. In addition, the school district has set up a special hotline activated today to allow parents access to a trained professional in the event that additional snow days were to occur.

“We understand the extreme burden placed on parents who have had to deal with multiple inclement weather closings this year,” Assistant to AACPS Assistant Under Superintendent For Community Concern Mike Bosier tells us. “This is an emotional roller coaster and we don’t want to minimize the effects that this has on parents. Our counselors are specially trained to talk parents off the ledge, so to speak. We all love our children, just not on snow days.”

Anne Arundel, along with much of the state, has seen higher-than-average school closings. AACPS says that we are running out of built-in days in the school calendar and any additional days will need to be added on to the end of the year. However, AACPS may decide to reclaim the days by taking days away from spring break.

Should AACPS cut into the spring break, the school district will be offering meditation classes as well as Scream Therapy sessions for parents and legal guardians at 11 of the county high schools. These sessions are usually reserved for the school bus drivers, but special accommodations will be made. Although alcohol will not be served at these events, participants under the influence will not be asked to leave.

AACPS reminds parents that their counselors, while highly-trained, cannot offer any prescription medication to assist with the stress and anxiety due to the snow days. They can, however, offer referrals to medical professionals who can.

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