Annapolis Tourists to be Charged Admission to City

By Laura Ritz, Editorial Intern

Hi, I'm Laura Ritz and the Intern here at The Crabwrapper. I hear that Maryland apologized for that whole slavery thing--so I have to ask how the hell they can make me bust my ass and not pay me a cent? Oh, that's right, it is for the "experience." Well, to make ends meet, you can always catch up with me at McDoogals in the Dena!


  1. WHAT, you will drive people away, what about people that live there and have friends and relatives come to visit. Not going to downtown Annapolis to eat and pay, plenty of other places to go. I guess we should charge people from Annapolis to come to Inner Harbor, Harbor East, Baltimore, etc.

    1. It’s a joke – this is “a satire news organization” like The Onion.

  2. This is too early for an April Fool’s joke. This is a joke right? If not, God help you all…..

  3. When did O’Malley become Mayor? If this really happens, Annapolis has seen me for the last time.

  4. Um…we have a Republican Mayor! Highly doubtful that the solution would ever be taxes or fees! Don’t believe the hype peeps! Maryland/Annapolis will be staying up for air til another “tax and spend” crony is in office!

  5. I won’t be coming to Annpolis any more. That is the craziest thing I’ve heard. Do they not think this will drive people away rather than attract them to the city. Never heard of such a thing. Normally you’d be looking to increase attractions and such to draw more people. NOT charge the ones that do come to support your losses. I hope whoever has made that decision reconsiders.

  6. Oh you’ve got to be kidding me. I was a Anne Arundel resident until I married my midshipmen husband and became a Navy wife. Still have family there. This had be a really bad joke for those who come back to visit USNA and then go out into Annapolis to shop and eat, the city will lose even more money.

  7. Like it seems a number of others, I hope this proposal is really a joke. As a native of D.C. metro area, dating midshipmen in my youth, I enjoy travelling to Annapolis periodically for lunch with friends, shopping in the unique downtown shops, taking in some of the historical sights with US and overseas visitors. But if I am going to be charged to visit, Annapolis becomes a tourist attraction that I certainly plan to avoid. Seems the Annapolis Department of Tourism is very short sighted and perhaps lacking in the creative imagination to promote the city….actually promoting tourism rather than discouraging it.

  8. This IS A JOKE! We love tourists here in Annapolis. They keep me employed. All of these stories are OBVIOUSLY written with tongue in cheek. Let’s not be too serious.

  9. You must be kidding! What about those of us regularly doing business in Annapolis? Don’t tell me we would have to pay to come in to businesses in town? Why make it more expensive for visitors when they already aren’t coming in as frequently? This is crazy talk and an obstruction to basic freedom. Annapolis is not Disney Land created as a theme Park!

  10. You all higher ups in Annapolis! That think this is going to help the city! Have gone completely insane!!! You will hurt your city fast!! and Will take a long time to correct Your mistake!!!

  11. Do all of you really not understand this is satire? Obviously it’s not true. Can’t believe all the people who aren’t getting the joke…

  12. If this is on the up and up, You can keep Annapolis to yourselves. I will not be paying a cent to walk around your city as if it were an amusement park. You will be degrading your economy even further by implementing this circus stunt. I live in Arlington,Va. There are just too many beautiful places in the Metro area to enjoy for free. You can keep Annapolis to yourselves. Bad idea!

  13. This is about time. Useless tourists, changing a wonderful little town that they once found quirky, then want to change it to look like some shit hole in DC, N.Va., or other multi-useless architecturally void anuses located in the region that 80% of the populace seems to enjoy. Lifeless, soulless, shit heads. Good riddance and if you want to drop by, pay for the pleasure.

  14. I was born and raised on Annapolis and I love to take people around a share the city with them. This new money making scheme insures that I will never share my birthplace again out of embarrassment because of what the city has become. No longer quaint and inviting. ..just a source of revenue for those who don’t get what this city was all about. VERY SAD!

  15. I grew up in Annapolis, go every year to visit family, I HOPE this is a joke, I cannot imagine paying to see my teenage stomping grounds. AND I never sit in one place sipping water for three hours!!!

  16. I grew up in Annapolis from 1959 and left around 1973 for work in DC. I come to Annapolis frequently from Towson. My sister lives in Annapolis still. I need to check in and get a wrist band to see my many childhood friends and family in Annapolis?

    Please tell me who came up with this idea.


    Ty Ford

  17. Hmm, some of us are a little too dense to know whether or not this is real….if not, it’s definitely not good for Annapolis reputation!!

  18. I will not be visiting Annapolis . Admission fee and parking fees will deter visitors.

    This will impact all merchants in the downtown. area.

  19. So, will my son have to pay a fee to go to his job in Annapolis every day?????
    I hope this is an April Fools joke and not a “we are in charge” foolish idea.

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