Annapolis Department of Transportation Approves Toll At Spa Creek Bridge

By Will McBobbins, Staff Writer

Staff writer. What the hell does that mean? Oh yeah, that's right. I do all the fucking grunt work while Linda, Wanda and Mark take all the credit. Hey, but you know what, that's OK. The checks always clear the bank. But come the day that they don't...let me just say four words.... Mark.Naked.Farm.Animals


  1. The only people who should have to pay a bridge toll are the sail boats that cause it to open, not the drivers inconvenienced by the bridge opening and now a toll booth to further back traffic up !! Are you kidding me?

  2. “…Sure, some people will grumble, like they did when the parking rates were raised, but in the end, everyone just accepts it.”

    Am I the only one who is done with just “accepting it” as the way it goes down in Annapolis ?

  3. Ridiculous! I read elsewhere it will be a $3 toll. WTF! How about no charge or something like $0.50 for Annapolis residents. Tax the tourists and the sailboats. This will drastically impact traffic on Spa, Hilltop and Forest drive. Not too mention Eastport traffic. Just more of the gimmie your money mentality of MD Democrats.

    Born and Raised here for +50 years. Annapolis the past 20 years has gone to h**l. Local merchants pushed aside for chain restaurants and stores, etc. The Market House is a joke these days (thanks to Ellen Moyer).

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