O’Malley is in! The Crabwrapper had first look at speech

O’Malley’s Announcement LeakedMartin O’Malley made it official. He is running for President. However, in a Crabwrapper Exclusive two weeks ago we came across O’Malley’s draft of the announcement.  We have obtained what appears to be an early draft of Martin O’Malley’s remarks announcing that he will be seeking Presidential bid in 2016. Most media, including the Baltimore Sun and the Washington Post had indicated that O’Malley planned to make a formal announcement about his presidential aspirations this morning..and he did.

O’Malley’s Announcement Leaked

This document was found under a table at The Cat’s Eye Pub in Fells Point by an employee after closing on May 14th. The employee, who requested anonymity,  e-mailed the Crabwrapper offices early this morning. According to numerous sources, O’Malley and several presumptive campaign staffers were at The Cat’s Eye last night.

One bartender observed, “they were feeling no pain and very celebratory—they even bought a round of shots for the staff. They cheered several times, slapping one guy on the back, yelling, ‘The president needs another shot’ or something like that.”

O’Malley’s Run For President

Former Maryland Governor, O’Malley, has not been shy about hinting about a possible run for the White House in the 2016 Presidential Election, with most political observers being skeptical about his chances against former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who is the presumptive Democratic candidate.

We cannot unequivocally vouch for the authenticity of this speech, but it appears that it was written by the former Governor, himself, and has been going through an editing process by an hitherto unknown advisor named Kevin. The former governor’s spokesman could not be reached for comment.

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