Sizing Changes Coming for Maryland Blue Crabs

By Wanda Gershwitz, Associate Editor

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  1. What a ripoff!! What a greedy system these people have advanced!

    A jumbo crab is at least 7″ from point to point, and not a whit smaller! If it measures 8″ or more then it can be called an “extra jumbo” or “colossal” in a world where fairness prevails over unprecedented greed.

    This laughable new crab size chart is a complete joke, and disgusting. Not only is a 6-1/2″ crab NOT “Oh My God” (it’s an extra large at best) but at $178/doz it’s the ripoff of the decade! For a doz 6-1/2″ No. 1 males I’d pay $75 tops and hope they were reasonably heavy with none “waterlogged” and inedible. And the only reason I’d pay that is because I’m out in the suburbs. My friends in closer to the city go to refrigerated truck vendors roadside and pay half that.

    Don’t suck up to the greedy restaurant people who are dying to line their pockets with unearned wealth just because they think they can.

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