Advertising Opportunities


We traditionally have a few banner locations:

  • Right Column (shows on all posts, 5 available)
  • Below Categories (shows only on home page, 5 available)
  • Post Bottom (shows at the bottom of every post, 1 available)

What we have found is that it is a perfect mix of visibility without overwhelming the reader with ads. We are flexible in ad locations and can explore adjusting or adding placements for specific advertisers.

Creative Content

Because we are an alternative news source, we can bend the rules of traditional journalism. We can create stories, campaigns, and anything you can imagine, to highlight companies or products to different audiences.

We maintain a highly social approach to spreading our news. This causes potentially unlimited audience reach for popular pieces of content. What’s more is that we connect back with your existing connections and leverage them to share creative content even more.

We then can take any bit of content and evolve an entire campaign outside of, but related to, the original content. We build upon layers of content and advertising to create an incredible reach. Everything from facebook pages, twitter accounts, landing pages, traditional marketing and advertising, to even on air television interviews with local TV or radio stations.

The result is advertising unlike any other. It is highly engaging, highly visible, and highly targeted messages that traditional advertising simply cannot match.

Contact us  and let’s come up with something exceptional for your business!